Help filing SS-4

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I am trying to start an S-Corp and have a few questions.

My very first step in the process is to fill out an SS-4

Question 1.

"Legal name of entity (or individual) for whom the EIN is being requested"

For this, should I just put what I am GOING to call my corporation when i file that paperwork? in this case "Gingrass Property Investments, Inc."

Question 7a.
Name of principal officer, general partner, grantor, owner, or trustor

Do I put my full name? I was told that you NEVER sign anything with your name but to always add LLC at the end. Can I sign it "John Doe, Inc" instead of just "John Doe"

Question 10.
Date business started or acquired.

can i just put in todays date?

Question 11. Closing month of accounting year
Is their a good month to choose, or is this arbitrary?

Question 12. First date wages or annuities were paid or will be paid?
Not even sure what this means? Can someone clarify this for me?

Here is a link to the form i'm filing?

It is my understanding that you must first file for incorporation and then request a tax ID number. The corp. doesn’t exist before you file and you can’t request a number for something that does not exist.

You would sign using your title such as: John Smith, President and then you can add your corp name or just do it on company letterhead.

Date business started is the date that you filed the corporation papers with the state.

If you are going to be an S-Corp it would be 12/31. An alternate year end will change the date that you need to file corporate tax returns as a C-Corp.

The date of first payroll is the date you start paying an employee including yourself.

You may wish to consult with an attorney that specializes in corporate formations. The on-line sources make it seem easy but you can really mess things up if you do it wrong. Why form a corporation as opposed to an LLC? What are you trying to accomplish?


I am not a lawyer. You should consult one. That said...

Your questions seem to indicate that you do not currently have a company. You need to create a C-Corp first, and then request S-Corp filing status.

I was told you never under any circumstances want to buy a property with a C corp FYI. Capital Gains are not treated the same as an S Corp or an LLC (or even personal) and you end up paying much more in taxes if you sell down the line.

I'm far from an expert. Perhaps other members know more. I know this wasn't your question anyway. Sorry to hijack!