Looking for a Mentor in Dallas, Texas

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How's it going everyone?

Let me start out by saying that I am very new to real estate, I have been a member of BiggerPockets for about a week and I am planning on attending the BiggerPockets meetup in Irving this month.

So, I have been listening to the podcasts like crazy and they are crammed full of great advice it's unreal. I feel like there is a huge disconnect when listening to these, however, as I have never been a part of the process of buying a house.

How unheard of is it for an experienced investor to mentor a new investor, or let a new investor "shadow" them on a real estate deal, to show them how the whole process flows?

@Cory Dean you are doing the right thing by getting out and meeting people, to start (BP meet up). Once you get to know folks you will find the right time to take them out to lunch, meet up with them at their rehab, join other groups, etc.

You can also pay for mentors - the relationship-based approach takes longer but is likely more rewarding in the end. Just my thoughts.

Look forward to meeting at the BP meet up.


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