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Miron Briley
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Wholesaling - Starting out

Miron Briley
Posted Mar 1 2024, 20:03

Hey Hey!
My wife Karolyn and I started Real Estate journey in April 2021 with bigger pockets, and we have since closed on 75 doors, Multifamily and Single Family.  Thank you Bigger Pockets for helping us get started in our real estate journey. 

My wife has experience with Fund of Funds syndication on a 400 unit in Arizona.

We are partners on two hotel developments in Puerto Rico.
We have built a team of 6 , we wholesale cash , subject to and seller finance deals in the sunbelt states.
Last year we closed 500k in assignments.

Karolyn and her partner throw a monthly meet up in Dallas TX if anyone is in the area send me a msg!

Our goals for 2024
1. Help 50 people get started in Real Estate with their first deal.
2. Gross Three million in assignments for our team.
3. Buy a small hotel <20 doors, in TX, AZ, CA.
4. Buy 3-4 more single family
5. Partner on 500 unit multifamily with our mentors.

If we can help in any way please reach out !

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