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@Dharmik Mehta

1) welcome to BP

2) introduce yourself

3) know what to ask, break it down to market, area, topic.

4) connect to other BP members, exchange ideas, build relationship.

5) educate yourself as much as possible on RE related subjects.

6 Happy investing

@Dharmik Mehta

Welcome. Fill in the foundation below.

Check out BiggerPockets Ultimate Beginner's Guide - A fantastic free book that walks through many of the key topics of real estate investing.

Check out the free BiggerPockets Podcast - A weekly podcast with interviews and a ton of great advice. And you get the benefit of having 60 past ones to catch up on.

Locate and attend 3 different local REIA club meetings great place to meet people gather resources and info. Here you will meet wholesalers who provide deals and rehabbers.

Two Great reads, I bought both J. Scott The Book on Flipping Houses,The Book on Estimating ReHab Costs

Download BP’s newest book here some good due diligence in Chapter 10. Real Estate Rewind Starting over

Good Luck