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Hello BP Community,

My husband and I have been landlords here in Boston for more than 5 years now and this year we would like to start to fix and flip. We hope to fix and flip at least 10 houses.

I am looking for lists of Absentee owners and owner occupied owner with big equity %.

My question is : What did you do to build your lists? 

Why are websites like or much cheaper than listsource?

Please share you thoughts, I'm ll ears.



We prefer - offered by CoreLogic.  They do Equity % better than any of large data provider, and they are one of the only sources where you can split out the in- & out-of-state absentee owners.

As far as why other sources are cheaper?  None of those mentioned are primary data collectors - they all just aggregate data they buy or get for free.  I just think CoreLogic has the most accurate and current data.  Other data aggregators may sell you outdated information.  If you're going to buy bread, you want to get it fresh from the bakery.

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