tenant left in middle of lease

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Tenant left in the middle of the lease. Do I need to send them a letter that I will be keeping the last month rent security deposit since they abandoned the property in the middle of the lease. It clearly states this in the lease. I never had someone leave in the middle of the without terminating the lease. They told me 5 days ahead of time and just packed everything up and left.

Does this apply like an "itemized list of damages would"  that I would need to send them if there was damaged but do I need to send them a letter that I will keeping last month and security deposit to due abandoning the property?

@Jimmy S.  It depends on landlord-tenant law in your part of the country. A short conversation with a local evictions or real estate attorney will probably answer your question. I would tend to err on the side of caution and notify them that you will be keeping the deposit and last month rent regardless. Good luck.

I believe the law in PA requires you to either return their deposit or detail how it was applied within 30 days.  My lease states that i can apply deposit to unpaid rent if needed.  I would definately send letter detailing how security was applied and request payment if the security does not cover damages plus rent for required notice period.  Tenant can sue for either 2 or 3 times (i cant remember which it is, but easy enough to avoid) deposit if you do not.

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You have just discovered a clause that should be in your lease. In the states I have had rentals in the tenant is responsible for the rent until the end of the lease and the condition he leaves the unit in. So my leases had a clause to be initialed by the tenant that they are aware of that plus if for some reason it becomes necessary for them to leave or break the lease early they also have a legal obligation mitigate damages by trying to find a new tenant acceptable to the landlord plus it is the policy of the landlord to pursue all monies due until the end of the lease or until the unit is leased again plus costs, interest and attorneys fees if that becomes necessary. If there is a need to leave early the tenant should consult with the landlord to find out if something can be mutually arranged and thus avoid legal problems for themselves.