Lawton, Oklahoma

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Does anyone own property in Lawton Oklahoma? Just wondering if this a good rental market to buy and hold? The only thing I can see is the presence of military base? Thanks for your comments!


I cannot answer specifics, but will add their is a small university there also.  On paper there are some good deals to be had.  Lawton has a reputation of being a rough town.  I live about an hour from there now and have looked at several properties in Lawton.  At this point, I have not invested there and simply do not know what areas are good vs bad.  For now, I am sticking to other cities I know better.

Recent press has noted some downsizing of that base, so it could be a good time to buy if military families are moving out, some good deals may follow.  I have not heard much in the past 10 years, but prior to that it seemed this base was always on a list of potential bases to close (that has always been in the back of my mind about investing there).

Hope someone is able to give you more specifics.

I live in Lawton and own 3 SFHs here. We are in the process of buying a house about 25 miles outside of town and will turn our personal residence into rental #4. Lawton is unique in that you can have $500k homes a block away from $20k homes. A few blocks one way or the other can really hurt your rental values. We picked all three of ours up as REOs and of the three, one is in what I would call a rough neighborhood. But it's in a pocket on the edge, and we've had good luck with it so far. There is definitely money to be made here, but you really have to do your due diligence, and make sure the property will perform. I have a few friends that retired here from California, and they started investing long distance well before relocating here. They have other investor friends that they assist in finding and acquiring properties here. We also have a few investor minded realtors here. PM me if you want contact info.

There a good many cash buyers in this market. Leo Kingston is one, he's awesome and really knows his stuff!  And there others here as well.