Searching for Wholesaling information

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I have been reading until my eyes feel like they are bleeding to learn all I can for this business. I am currently 9 months away from having a chiropractic degree and would like to start investing and saving up some money for a practice, future business affairs, and family I plan on starting. I would like to wholesale my first few properties to get started. Any readings on wholesaling and how to would be great. Thank you 

There's a tab at the top of the screen called "Learn".  Click it. 

Read the Ultimate Beginner's Guide, read the Guide to Wholesaling. 

Search for the term Wholesaling in the search box. Listen to every podcast that comes up.  Read the blogs. Read the forum threads. should take you less than 30 seconds to find more than you want to read or hear about wholesaling. 

Sean Terry podcast is all wholesaling all the time, real estate investing mastery podcast has some free videos that are pretty good. In my experience wholesaling is pretty difficult and time consuming, you have to find people who are willing to sell at deep deep discounts. Or maybe it just depends on your market and your talent, the best of luck to you. 

Thanks you two.. I will get to reading and listening. I'm finding plenty of deals, my problem is finding the cashed buyers. The few ways I have found to find them are not working out so great. I'm wholesaling my deals much cheaper then most as well. Thank you again for your input, ill get started on the new info