finding private money

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I been studying real estate investing for a few months, I'm also a former realtor. Finding properties are very simple for me. My business plan is very detailed and well thought out, I feel like I'm ready to make my 1st investment. Unfortunately I been asking family, friends for cash to fund my 1st deal and they either don't have the cash or want to wait until I do a couple deals etc..... My strategy is going to start with flipping properties using hard money lenders for financeing. But I need some skin in the game as they call it. What are some places/ways to find private money to start my real estate investment business ?

If you're finding good properties, I wouldn't think you would have too much trouble finding and experienced partner.  You bring the property, they bring the cash and experience.  Win-Win!  

James I will definitely upgrade my membership I barely became a member today. Jim I understand going 50/50 on deals I put the effort, time into the deal and they come with cash but where do I find these cash investor's at? Is there an online source I can find them at ? Or is going out networking the only way ?