Real Estate Beginner

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Hi Everyone!

    I'm a new real estate investor and would like to know different ways of obtaining funding for real estate deals.  I want to focus on Wholesale deals for now. Wholesaling is where you put a house under contract (usually at 70% of market value in fixed-up condition, minus the cost to fix up, minus what you want to make as your 'wholesale fee') and then either assign that contract or close on the house and then sell it as-is to another investor.

Please if someone is familiarised with wholesale deals and would like to give me some guidance, feel free to contact me. 

@Edwin Merced

 you're at the right website! One of the quickest ways to develop funding is from your sphere of influence (SOI) or basically your closest friends. Don't let money stop you from your goals! Even with no money you can start posting classified ads online for free or working with a realtor to find homes to make low offers on.