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Hello everyone, I'm an aspiring investor looking for a little advice on taking the first step on getting in the game. I've been thinking of gettin my real estate license, solely for the purpose of investing. Is this worth doing? I know it's not needed, but I'm wondering if it would give me even the slightest advantage over not having it. Thanks in advance, and any solid recommendations on books to read are welcomed. I've been reading every spare minute and I'm becoming hooked before I've even begun!

@Timothy Guidroz

- It depends on what type of REI you are looking to do. If I was buying 1 house a year I probably would not get my license, the MLS due and association dues are about $1000 a year, so make sure those are covered

Brie is right on the point, I would say working with a realtor on your 1st deal or two before you decide to get your license. After you see the amount of paperwork and communication we have to handle, you might think twice about being an agent hehe