SFH Rental Question

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I currently have a house that I would like to Rent.

I need to rent my house out, but will not have the money right away to get it up to code. So ideally I need someone that can move in and allow me a few months to get the money to get it up to code. There is not anything majorly wrong with it, it just hasn't been inspected since 1955. Is it ok for me to rent it with out getting a new occupancy permit on it?

Dina, I just googled St. Peters, MO and you need to get an occupancy permit before renting it. I don't suggest you try and rent without the inspection as they will be a lot tougher on you when the city finds out. You could also be looking at some liabilty issues.

I would not advise renting a property with any code violations. There is too much liability in it. I once got sued because a man tripped over his own feet - literally. I had it on camera. He still took us to court.

I would not rent anything until it was "rent ready", you will be safer and the tenant will be happier.

Well, I can't help with your question. All I can do is say thanks for making me aware that I need a cert of occupancy to get my house rented. I too will have to make some updates to get it to code. We are moving out of our main house and renting it.