Best Real Estate Investing Strategy?

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IMHO - Seller financing, Subject to, Sandwich lease options are all no/low capital transactions although seller finance and subject-to transactions involve closing costs. Check with your local real estate attorney or REIA.

Originally posted by @Rick Griffith :

I'm a fairly new investor, and I've read multiple books and went through courses. I still can't seem to find the best investing strategy having low capital. Any suggestions?

 I have two words for you.

Buy and Hold.

Rick Griffith I have pretty much bought all of my houses with 0% down. I follow rich dad poor dads philosophy of using other people's money. I never took his course or anything but just read his book and that whole concept stuck with me. PM me of you would like to hear more.


We got started 4 years ago with a 0% VA loan. We bought a foreclosure lived in it and rented it out when we were transferred. For us that was an awesome way to get started. It let us get our feet wet and now we are at 7 houses with another 2 in progress.

Another way is to rent out room for roommates or to buy a multiplex. That's just buy and hold. So you have so many choices. Get involved, look around, glad to see you here.