Probate Leads

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Hi Everyone!

So I got a handful of probate leads but they are only in the form of case numbers.  I know I can plug those case numbers in to the court portal online and get the details but I am unsure of how to tell if there is property attached.  Can someone help me with this.  I am a newbie so any information is helpful.

Thanks in advance!

About once a day someone posts the same question you just did. Use the search tool to look for your answer. It's been discussed many, many times. 

If you're a newbie can I ask why you are starting with probate?

Never tried it that way.  I visit the courthouse.  Typically one of the documents attached to the record is a "memo of facts" or "information sheet" which would show clearly if there's real estate in the decedents estate.

You would then look for contact information for the administrator/executor/proponent who you approach.

@Oye Alle , thanks!  I got all of the information and figured I could get the details online, I was wrong.  I will go back and print the information sheet. 

@Derek W. thank you for your response, I have always been interested in the probate process and alternative ways to find a deal.  Just curious, if you were a newbie (I know that you are not), what would you start with?

I can tell by your questions that you are very smart! So you will be fine. Probate really isn't a niche by itself. It's really a conglomeration of many niches. The fact that someone died and real estate needs to be passed to someone else is simply a title problem. So I tend to think of probate as merely a title problem. Just because a house needs to go through the probate  process doesn't mean there is any opportunity for an investor, or a catalyst for a seller to need to sell. It is just one factor that may contribute to a catalyst. Opportunities come in the probate arena when there are other problems, usually people problems that left unsolved will delay or block the title process to transfer the property through probate. For instance, druggie relatives living rent free in a decedent's house with a fake will making claims of ownership. So there are many tools in a tool bag needed to solve a complicated probate deal and truly be of help to someone going through a hard time. if this is what excites you, keep going. Learn as much as you can about title and solutions to broken chain of title. Learn multiple ways and pays of solving real estate problems do you can be a blessing to someone else. A great resource for this is Rick the probate guy. He is an active member. Great web site with lots of tips