how to find owners with no address or phone # listed

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Hello BP.  I was looking for advice on a situation that I have.  I am trying to get started in RE by wholesaling.  I have found a property that is boarded up and "appears" to be vacant.  I went to the city government site and looked up the information.  I found the name of the owner, and tried to search for their number.  So far I haven't been successful.  On the city's website they provide a mailing address.  However the mailing address that is listed is the same address of the vacant home.  So my question is, is there a way to locate or contact the owner if I can't find their number or the address listed appears to not be valid?



Always and I mean always talk to the neighbors, half the time they will provide a clue that leads to the owner, also ask about what time the mailman delivers and ask him for any info he might have.

This is where you detective skills come in. Yes talk to neighbors. Try to see if mail is forwarded. 

The process of finding people is called skip tracing. Google that or people finder and a ton of sites will come up. Expect to pay for the information and a lot of false hits. If it is a good enough deal try a private detective.

@Don W. Just to add a couple other options: if you have an account with any title company you can run a property search by name and that will tell you if they own any other properties. Also if you have access to MLS you might be able to find their tax billing address from the property detail report (Realist page).

Good Luck!