Full time job and wholesaling

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To those of you who started out with working a full time job and wholesaling in your spare time, how did you manage your time? Did you buy a course or just do it own your own by reading sites like bp when you first got started? I know its definately possible, but only have the weekends and my 2 hour commute to and from work to make calls, follow up etc..

Not to be harsh, but you work 8 hours a day or so.  What about the other 16 hours?  If you want it bad enough 12 hours at the day job and 4 hours on real estate on the average weekday becomes habit after a while....then there's a solid 8 hours left, maybe 5 for sleeping.

@JohnD thanks for your input!  I guess I should've worded that differently. How do/did you structure your time to streamline your wholesaling business when you were just starting out, what worked best for you? Thanks in advance! 

I didn't wholesale per-se, but I sure hustled.  For me back then, my job didn't preclude me from taking calls or running out to a property so long as no business meetings were previously scheduled, so both the day job and real estate were an always-on endeavor.