Looking for a mentor in Northern Indiana...

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I have dabbled in real estate for about 10 years. I bought several properties prior to 2008, that then went sour. Since then I have bought 2 paid for 20-30k houses, and my last home we have turned into a rental. All 3 of them are being managed through a PM company since we have moved several times and I didn't have the kind of success managing my own properties back around 2008 that I wanted to.

Fast forward to now, I am looking to invest full time now, just having moved back to the area, I have been looking into getting a full time job as a back up or temporary mesure, but I would really like to invest full time. I would love to find someone already in the business that would love to mentor me in this area. Someone I could learn from, do some of the annoying jobs you don't enjoy anymore, possible invest with you in some deals, and hopefully make some money in the process. If you have a company and need full or part time work, I would prefer that over getting a full time job somewhere else, but I am open to any ideas. 

You can click on my profile and email or call me, give me your thoughts? I had my own successful buy sell online and craigslist for about 3.5 years, I have a decent amount of business understanding as a result, but making this jump is so overwhelming. Looking forward to hearing from everyone!

Do you remember Jason Miller from high school? He's doing REI full time in northern Indiana. You might consider reaching out to him if you don't get any bites here at BP.

Hi @Matthew Parrott I think that mentors can be an incredible blessing to investors - I've been really lucky and have had some great ones myself.

In case you are interested - I wrote about my experience finding mentors in this "Ultimate Guide to Finding Incredible Mentors" - I hope that it helps you with your search!