How did you start investing?

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How did you get started investing in real estate? 

When did you first get the idea to invest in real estate?

What prior education did you have?

What helped you the most? 

1. Bought a duplex in 2007 with money I saved for 20% down.

2. Got the idea about a year prior when the company where I work was bought out.

3. High School graduate only prior to that.

4. Actually buying the rental and not talking about any longer. Actions are much louder than words!

I started out as a bird dog. Then, I moved into wholesaling. Eventually, I started buying and holding. All in the single-family home arena. After awhile, I got into mobile homes which is what I do now. Great topic! 

I wanted to own a bar. Not because I like to drink and hang out in bars....I don't. I liked the idea of all the illegal gaming cash flow bar owners were enjoying 10 years ago in Indiana. Owning rentals seemed like a good way to build up the cash I thought I needed to buy a bar one day.

Flash forward to today. Between the crack down on gambling and the fact that I do not enjoy being in bars I have 42 rental units and absolutely no desire to ever own a bar.

We looked at rentals and they were too much money so we looked at Sheriff's sales and they were still too much money so we looked at tax sales and after attending three bought our first two liens.  Got both houses and made money on both of them.  We still buy tax liens and other ways as well and currently have 17 houses and buy over 20 liens a years.

Started out in the restaurant business. Culinary school & Hotel/ Restaurant BS degree, Worked as Chef, manager and owned a sucessful restaurant, sold it and wondered if there is a better way to prosper without working huge hours. Started going to  local Landlord association meetings and  after asking a lot of questions, my jaw hit the ground.. Wow.. this sounds great. Read everything about real estate investing and decided to get my real estate licence to have an inside view. Resaerched markets and compared with areas I wanted to live and raise my family, then made the big move. Haven't looked back since, just keep buying and holding great income producing apartment buildings, and yes.. It's full time for me. Best decision I ever made besides asking my wife to marry me !