How to start wholeselling in Houston TX

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Hello, me and my wife would like to began our journey in real estate by starting off in the wholesale business.  I understand that funds will be needed to get this business where we want it to be.  We eventually want to be able to build capital and have investment properties, but I would like to know the best way to get started.  I have met with a wholesale firm here in the area and they are willing to guide me and help me once I start and bring them a property.  I need to know how to generate leads and market in the best way possible.  The firm is how I found out about Bigger Pockets and just after a few podcast I realized that the guru hype is way over rated.  Please help and point in the right direction to get my business started.  Thanks

I really appreciate that Stephen.  I may have to jump to that one.  I have been listening from the beginning to gain the knowledge and not miss anything.  I really think BP is where it is at!!!!!  Thanks