Fort Worth Real Estate Attorneys?

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Hey guys, i'm looking for a few real estate attorneys that are investors themselves in the Fort Worth Area (downtown, up to North Fort Worth/Keller). All advice is greatly appreciated as I'm looking to build a strong foundation to start my investing on. I have a ton of questions for an attorney, mostly about business structures, land trusts and several other areas.

My main investment focus is in buy and hold rentals, I already have an LLC setup but would like to know if my LLC should own the properties or if putting them into a land trust or separate land trusts for each property would be better. I'm also looking for a good CPA to advise on tax implications along the same lines but I have a few good leads on CPAs at the moment.

I also would like to have an attorney to help me with contracts and some other finer details about buying and selling in Texas, as I know the laws here are a little different than most of the other states.

Martin Garcia with Texas Secure Title. He is part owner of a title company and he does legal advice as well. There is the title side and the law side Look up Texas Secure Title Martin Garcia