Getting Licensed

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I just finished my education from, I originally went with them because it was the "most reasonably priced" one I could find but I have been pleasantly surprised with a well rounded curriculum. The online tests are straight forward and they offer a glossary which explain "real estate terms" to make the learning more approachable. It is a study on your own time course so discipline will be needed. Congratulations on taking the first step! If you have any more questions feel free to message me.

I recently got my license a few months ago and I used a website called firsttuesday. One reason I liked them was because of the step-by-step instructions they provided. They literally sent me a two page booklet of exactly what needed to be done next in addition to the other materials. I did not have trouble using their site and setup was not too bad for me. Their customer service was not too shabby either.

Real estate trainers offers

A awesome crash course taken over a weekend. They are located in Santa ana

Thank you for responding to my post. In addition to my prior question, do these real estate exam-prep packages cover all the required college-level courses, or will I have to separately take the required college-level courses at a college/online college? 

I just passed my test this morning!!! And used First Tuesday - I covered the college classes online, take the classes exam one and print out your certificate then you can appy for your license exam. I did an in-person cram class one week before the test and passed first try.

Good luck!!