New member on Nc/sc state line

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I've currently got 2 houses rented and I'd like to own many (10+) more.  Looking in Charlotte Nc area or Columbia SC. Traditional mortgages won't work for me at this point and anything on Zillow is old news to some of you pros.  Tell me your tips.   Who do I need to connect with? What groups do I need to belong to?  How can I find deals and then the money to make that happen?

Hobby Millionaire Charlotte (find it on Focus on buy & hold & members working within the group.

If you have a decent credit score there are private lending companies that focus on rental loans.

@Victor Mena - B2R Finance, Lima One Capita, FirstKey Lending. Lending based on credit score. NOI divided by debt service must be 1.25 or greater. LTV 70-75% max based on appraisal.