Favorite Podcast

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I'm relatively new on this site and have been listening to podcasts and reading forums posts to the point my mind doesn't stop thinking about real estate..which is a good thing. What podcast or podcasts are your favorite? I'm going on a road trip shortly and want to listen to a couple and will pick from what you suggest. I've listened to about 20 so far. I haven't seen this question on here yet, if it is let me know. Thanks.

Hi @Mark McClure   - Happy road tripping!  I would say it depends what your niche/strategy is.   Listen to the ones that fit your particular strategy first, but I have to say I have gleaned something from just about everyone of them.   I have my favorites, but answers will vary wildly.  

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I've listened to them all! Twice! The ones I pick now to listen to again are the ones that about RE that I'm interested in pursuing. Good luck!! Yay Connecticut!

I'm a podcast junkie, lol, I don't even listen to music in the car anymore... :)