Help me find the golden road...

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So I am motivated to finally cut my teeth with a fix and flip. I would like to start out with a 2/1 just so I can get the hang of things; but from what I have read the 2/1 is a harder sell. I can't do a 3/2 because I do not have any other investors to help out. What are your thoughts?

Although 3/2 is more popular, there are still renters that will be looking for the lower price of a 2/1. You may have a higher turnover of renters as they outgrow the place. Or if you just want to sell it, you can market to the specific demographic who would want a 2/1 - retired couple or singles. It may be a little harder, but I doubt it's impossible!

Alternatively, consider whether you can turn a 2/1 into a 3/2, or even create a second 1/2 bath instead of a full one.