Multi dwelling's in San Antonio

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Looking for some advice from someone local here in San Antonio. My wife and I have been doing a lot of research and saving up and we are ready to go. But I would really like to meet up with someone local who I can chat with who has actually purchased a few multi dwelling's just to talk over a few concerns and such... If you have experience and you are willing to throw some advice our way would be awesome... Thanks!!

All you have to do is post your question or concerns and people will chime in. People take you more serious though when your profile is filled out and you have contact info.

Thanks I did not realize my profile was not finished... I think I have it all done now. Main advice I am looking for is on what is a good deal here in SAN Antonio - I have read a lot about the 50/50 rule and many other rules but I know each area is a bit different. So I am looking for someone that has purchased locally for some advice. 

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@Nicholas Van Rensburg I have two agents that specialize in small multi's.  I'd recommend getting out to the meet-up tonight downtown (info on at 6 or @Rick Pozos meet up.  Good to bounce questions off people there.  If you're looking to buy on market, find a good agent that will make some offers for you.  If you're going to buy off-market, its good to have someone that will screen the deals as well and give you a second opinion.