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Went to my first REI meet up last weekend in Santa Monica. It was a great experience. Sponsored by @Jeff Greenberg .    Good mix of what felt like Veterans through to newbies.  Some good topics came up and were discussed.  

Who knew there were Cashflow 101 game nights? 

Also discussed LLC structures which I am familiar with but there was a topic regarding putting Properties into Trust which I am not. Something I will need to review more.

What I would say is some very good inside into the millennial mind set which frankly I guess forced me to realize... crap some where down the road I got old.

One topic was related to finding emerging markets and Jeff brought up something I never heard of before.  Basicly looking to U-Hal and other Moving Companies and look to migration patterns with Trucks rented one way trip.

Found this report from U-hal.  The info data dates to 2015 but it is interesting to look over and pretty much emulates markets that trend here on BP as hot..  


Interesting report @Greg C.   Thanks for sharing!  

Not that I have been sleeping on the job... But more caught up in chasing shinny objects.  Need to really sit down and focus where I want my attention.

Started reading "How To Win Friends and Influence People"  by Dale Carnegie over the break.  Really liking the message.  For me as a manager of many in my day JOB I suffer impatience which leads to intolerance.  So that's something I am actively addressing.  Really want to start looking at what my employes want vs what I want of them.

As I have pretty much listened to all BP Podcasts now at least twice I have started listening to a couple others.  This morning I was listening to Kevin Bupp Podcast 129 with Matt Theriault     - Nice tips in here on finding deals.   One recommendation is to go to Private Management websites and look in their "For Rent" section.  Then targeting those.  If an Owner has a vacancy he might be more apt to make a deal.

"Pari-pass  - is a Latin phrase meaning "equal footing" that describes situations where two or more assets, securities, creditors or obligations are equally managed without any display of preference. An example of pari-passu occurs during bankruptcy proceedings when a verdict is reached: all creditors can be regarded equally and will be repaid at the same time and at the same fractional amount as all other creditors."


Several times in the last few days I have seen/ heard folks talking about "Sensitivity Analysis" so I googled it...

My basic take on it is analysis by altering individual criteria to see an adjusted outcome.

IE How does an 8 percent vacancy effect the over all instead of a 4 percent.

How will a 10 percent Cap Ex effect overall returns verse a 8 percent hold back.

Sensitivity analysis - investopedia


Listened to a really interesting @Kevin Bupp Podcast this morning on 1031 exchanges with @Dave Foster  

Dave Foster

kevinbupp - ep-127-the-power-of-a-1031-exchange-and-how-to-take-advantage-of-this-powerful-tax-code-in-your-own-rei-business-with-dave-foster

Knowing the general idea of a 1031 is to shelter capital gains taxes by transferring into a new property.

My quick take away  - Dave mentioned 3 idea's I hadn't heard of. (I'm not a lawyer or a CPA or 1031 expert.  Just noting what I took from the interview)

  1. Death - 1031 Cap gains transfer to Heirs are evaluated at the current Appraised price of the property at death.  There by transferring the Cap gains to heir with out the Cap Gain taxation.  This seems extreme just to avoid a tax bill :-
  2. Purchase 1031 in all cash.  Refi out capital.
  3. Transfer 1031 into personal residence to receive 250,000/500,000 cap gains exclusion.  IE say you bought several condo's on the beach as rentals and some years down the line you decide to live in one of those.  Then sell.  You don't get taxed on the 500,000 (filing married) cap gains for your personal residence.  Then you would need a new place to live and well you have that other rental... Then sell..  

(Noting here that in the Podcast Dave explains rules based on Intention and time frames that I'm not really writing down)

Some other things I took away.  

1031 between Personal Partners can be split on an individual basis based on the fact that all the Partners each file their own taxes. Should the 1031 happen inside a LLC only the entity that files taxes could 1031.

Reverse 1031 - too complicated to write in a few words but listen to the podcast.  Pretty good info about Purchasing a property through an intermediate and then 1031ing a sale of the original property into the new property after the fact.

Over all pretty interesting stuff.  

Hopefully the proposed GOP tax reform doesn't make 1031 obsolete.

(Also does the @persons name only work if that person is in the tread already?)

Hi @Greg C. I'm glad you enjoyed the podcast with Kevin.  He's got quite a history and we had a great session talking about 1031 exchanges.  Just so you know I hang out here as well willing to answer questions or be of service.  @Joe Fairless from right here at BP did a similar interview as well.

The reason why the whole @persons name only works is that you can do @?persons name if they're in the thread.  Or if you have connected with that person you can simply do @persons name and it will highlight.  If they're not connected to you it doesn't work.  

So right now I'm going to send you a connection request so we can just @ to each other.:)


Thanks @Dave Foster .  

I find as I begin this journey that strategies revolving around taxes have really peaked my interest.   Which is odd since I do hate taxes ;-)

Having gotten through pretty much all of the BP Pod Casts...

@Joe Fairless is also on my rotation (passive investing in Syndication now being my focus)... 

LA traffic leaves me about 2 hours a day to sit and listen and learn.

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