What's the fastest way to own property?

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What's the fastest way to buy property when first starting out and little to no capital? I live in the Rockford area, about an hour to an hour and a half away from Chicago. If there's anyone out there that have any advice, shoot me a message.

@Darrius Leach I'm with Joe on this one. I would slow down, continue to network, get your money up, and really start learning/ shadowing some top investors in your area. 

Your first property will come soon enough and it will be a very good one if you are patient. If you are not patient you are risking really screwing some things up and buying a bad deal. 

Morning Darrius. Setup Rockford in keyword and it will give you a notification about anything involving Rockford which is how I came across some of your posts. We are having a networking meeting this Monday at 6pm Sams on Riverside. I would strongly advise you to attend. Nice friendly crowd from all walks of like very informative and helpful. Hope to meet you there! Here's ifo

  •  06/04/18 06:00PM - 08:00PM America/Chicago SAM'S Ristorante, Pizzeria, & Banquet Hall , 6075 E Riverside Blvd Rockford, Illinois 61114


Hi Darrius , One way to start is getting a FHA loan. Find a good deal in Rockford and then put 3.5 percent down for first time buyers. There are many landlords that are trying to sell in Rockford. Do your research and save for your down payment.