Accessing Relevant Data

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As someone brand new to the whole idea of investing through rental properties I have been going through the calculations involved in assessing a potential property for cash flow to practice the process and understand what good and bad deals look like. I have a question regarding data gathering:

Regarding the website that Brandon recommends to find unemployment and property tax data, the interface is quite clunky and once I reach the data on a specific property I am unable to find anything beyond the assessed value. What are the ways you navigate this site and if you have alternate resources please let me know.

Thanks all!

@Zachary Pesicka Federal Way, if I remember from my Army days stationed at Ft. Lewis, is in King County. Check King County Appraisal District and search for properties to pull property tax data. Here is the link:

Regarding unemployment data Bureau of Labor Statistics good place to start:

But I also recommend that you find an investor friendly realtor in your area that can pull some RPR reports for you. If they are a licensed realtor they have access to this realtor only resource that will make you giddy with the data mining you can do with it. Good luck.