Looking for investor friendly escrow/title company or attorney

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Hello BP!

I am new to biggerpockets and also a new investor. I have a deal lined up but I am having a hard time finding a investor friendly escrow/title company or closing agent/attorney. Can anyone refer any companies that can help? Im going to a local REIA group but that isn't until the end of the month and I don't want to wait that long, please help! I am looking for a national company as I will be doing deals out of state as well, I am in American Canyon, CA.

Thank you!

I'd recommending calling agents on Zillow.

Reach out to some people locally and see if they would be interested in being your agent and helping place some offers for you.

Direct message some people on BP who are local to you who are agents and see if they're interested. 

What you seek does not exist.

Being an investor-friendly title company requires unique local knowledge and the ability to be creative, flexible, smart and willing.

You won't find that combo in a national title company.

whats your definition of investor friendly? what exactly are you looking for them to be friendly about ?

escrow and title are vastly different than CA.... in many markets.. IE there is no customer service department.. title plants are not on line and just a click away like they are on the west coast... etc etc.

would help if you actually described what it is you want them to do for you that you consider investor friendly.

Boy traffic in AM CAN sure has gotten horrendous..