Lawyer and CPA in my area.

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I am new to BiggerPockets and the world of real estate investing.  I am seeking help on how to start investing. 

My question is: Does anyone know any lawyers and CPA's located in Cincinnati, OH that specialize in real estate?

Thank you for your help!


@Matthew Gross

I went ahead and pulled a couple postings of people based out of Cincinnati requesting Attorney's and CPA's. Feel free to use the links to ask the posters who they ended up using.



An alternative to find a CPA/Attorney is to attend a Local real estate networking event. Please use the biggerpockets events feature or go on to find local networking events.

In the event that you are still unable to find an CPA/Attorney - feel free to broaden your search to include CPA's/Attorney's that work with clients remotely. However, you prolly want to find a local attorney because laws vary from city to city.

Please feel free to ask any tax questions that you have in mind.