Laid off before starting...What now?

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I'm pretty new to the industry.  I didn't start out planning to become a landlord, it was just convenient due to a personal medical situation.

After everything cleared up I formulated a plan to jump in to the industry so that I could retire early. I'd planned to sell my current 4 bedroom rental property and purchase a duplex-fourplex for my first step.  I moved back home and saved some money so I would have a good down payment.  Soon as I was about to hit my goal I was laid off, argh! My current rental property pays for all of my exenses, but the cash flow is very small.  This is the 2nd time I've been laid off, and I am done with attempting to build a career in someone else's corpration.  

Now that my job is gone, I have to figure out a new plan.  What would you do in this industry if you lost your stream of regular income, but were sitting on $15,000? ($15,000 is not the total, but I'm a person who prefers to have a financial fission of 3-6months.)

What are your goals in terms of your career or what you want to be doing? If I were in your shoes, I would have a career goal of what I wanted to do and take actions that moved me closer to that goal. You're fortunate that you have that rental property to cover your obligatory expenses but do not get comfortable. If I were you my hair would be on fire and I'd be trying to find a job, any job, to bring in some income. Hope that give you some insight and that your luck turns around. 

Unless you can partner with other people, you’ll need to make income. If you really not successful being an employee, how about try to build a business in real estate? Like property management or short term rental.

@Lori Jones . Given that you don't have a lot of cash nor lots of experience, I'm afraid you might still need to get a job to bring in some income while you continue to build your experience in Real Estate. 

Without a job, you can't really get a decent loan from the bank to finance your RE projects. If you could find someone to invest with, that could be an option as well.

@Lori Jones No lender will lend to you without a stable source of income. At your current level,  your rental income will not help you qualify for loans. 

Furthermore, you will need a job (or another stabilized source of permanent income) to help you build up your investment capital. Not withstanding the frustration of working for someone else, you have a limited set of options - find a job or find a different source of income. Either way it has to be stable and consistent for lenders to provide financing.

@Lori Jones I’m pretty much gonna say what everyone else is going to say, you need to get another job.

Maybe switch fields if that’s possible but youll likely need another job

Focus your efforts on what ever is necessary for you to find a job that will be more secure. You can not invest without a income. You must find the highest paying job you can secure and expect to be there a minimum 10 years if not till retirement. Try, if possible, to find a employer that offers medical and pension benefits. You can always quit in the future but do not make choices based on that plan.You can not get ahead without working for a income.

By the same token you can not live at home and while you are there you need to be paying your parents rent.

having stable income will allow you to find a job you like. Jobs aren't bad, the wrong job is the problem. also having no job will crush your ability to use leverage.

take your time, find a place that you can use your talents, grow, and be inspired.

you can jump head first into real estate, but I would suggest that you implement a goal, plan on how to get there, then implement. What you're trying to do is just hobble into RE with the hand you've been dealt. Now this can work, but you're betting on luck to take you there. Instead, implement your strategy and create your luck

dont' sweat being canned. I've been canned a few times now I'm worth far more than anyone who's fired me.

Thanks everyone. I think that you all are assuming that I'm not going to get a job? This isn't the case. I am just saying that the new job will remain a job (not a career,) and will not be my first priority when I get it. My real estate education will now have most of my focus. Getting a new job is a given. I am not one who can just not have some kind of income coming in. I've been selling products on ebay for some time, so I have some income coming in. I do have goals and steps to them. I have been a landlord for 2 year so my current goal is to start with small multifamily rentals while I learn about other aspects of real estate. I want to explore to see which niche I enjoy. I have long-term and short term goals. They are on hold because of this set back, and I believe that this post was probably frustration. If I keep pushing I know I will hit those goals.
The $15,000 is just what I am willing to risk while unemployed. The remainder of my finances will be kept as off limits funds.

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