Thoughts on this strategy for getting my first deal!

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Hey BP members,

So my goal is to get my first deal in the next 30 days, I recently signed up for a Probate list which is the market I will be focusing on right now. I will begin my direct mail marketing campaign tomorrow, however, in hopes of speeding up the process of getting a property under contract I also had another idea/plan of attack.

In my list, it includes the attorney's name, number, address and E-mail.  Since the attorney is legally obligated to inform his clients to any and all deals that have been offered on the property, I was thinking of sending the attorney a contract of assignment on the properties I want to make offers on.

So my question is: Do you guys think this is a good strategy? If yes, can you please state if you have experience doing this as well, and if you don't think its a good strategy can you explain why? And also if you have done this in the past and why it may not be a good plan.

Thanks In Advance!

Jason Eisler

So, if I understand this correctly, you:

1 - just signed of with a property source (probate list)

2 - have not yet started any type of marketing campaign (starting tomorrow)

3 - you want to get rolling sooner into a deal (meaning your priority seems to be your first property instead of your first deal...BIG difference between the two)_

First, this is neither a plan nor a strategy.  This is an example of throwing darts at a dart board, not knowing how to throw the darts, where the dart board is, and not actually having any darts to throw...yet.

Do NOT set a timetable for your first property.

Focus on the "deal"...NOT getting your first property.

This is a numbers game.  The numbers that matter have dollar signs in front of them, not dates or street names behind them.

A lot of investors like probate, but when you are dealing with grieving families and all the dynamics, I would expect that this is a list where you will have a much longer turn-around on decisions.

Have you thought about other target audiences such as Low Financial Stability?