Should I lease or sell my condo in Arcadia, CA?

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Hello Everyone,

Would like to seek some recommendation about my situation:

  • Bought my condo (detached garage) 3 years ago at $432k in Arcadia, California
  • I will be moving to Seattle in a couple of months
  • The property management company says I can try to rent it out for $2595 and they charge 5% management fee a month, $130. So my fix cost will be $2250 for mortgage, insurance and tax plus $310 HOA. Which brings me to a total of $2690.
  • If I sell my place now, it's valued at $550k and $570k will be the max

Should I rent it out or sell it?

If this was your primary residence 2 of the last 5 years sell now. Gains if you are single are up to 250K TAX FREE!