Anybody househacked townhomes?

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@Pati Tanielu - the first property I bought at 20 years old was an end unit townhouse. I specifically bought it to lower my living costs via roommates. I liked a townhouse as at 20 years old, I had no desire to do yard work.

In addition, the floor plan I picked out was an end unit with a first floor master. I lived in the bedroom downstairs. Then I had a roommate that paid me $500 and lived in the 2 bedrooms and full bath upstairs. He made the second bedroom a living room. It worked out great and he paid almost my whole mortgage then we split the utilities. 

If I wanted to be more aggressive, I could have picked two roommates and had it so they covered the whole mortgage, but I wanted a little more privacy so we did the upstairs/downstairs plan I mentioned above.