I am currently looking to invest in a property here soon. I wanted to know some creative strategies of being able to work with a seller that is willing to help the buyer out (me). I had told him that I have done plenty of extensive research, ( I have even interviewed 3 real estate investors) and I am finally ready to move on to down deposit mode. He is cool, and open to ideas. The property is going to be sold for around an orbiting number of 155k. So with an FHA loan I am looking at around a 6k deposit. But really I want to keep a couple thousand on the side for possible emergency maintenance. I have a couple thousand saved up, but this is about 1/4 of what I need to pull the trigger on a loan. Any strategies that you guys can come up with would be awesome! I have read in a book that an important factor in real estate investing is being creative. Maybe I can sign a contract with my landlord/seller saying that he pays for down deposit, and I pay him back over a fixed period of time? It would instantly sell his property at the price he's asking, all while getting me started in real estate. Just an idea, let me know what you guys have in mind.