need private funding! found a great investment.

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I am new here, I am a plumber from central Florida who wants to get into this business. I have been cruising for deals in my area and found one. I just don't really have money to make a deal.,townho...

two things make this a great deal. First, I have done a lot of plumbing on the properties over in this area, and they are all, always rented out because the property is located within 5-10 min of UCF, which is always a top 3 school in regard to the number of students. 

second, it has been on Zillow for long enough, I think I could talk them down from that price. 

Since i do have plumbing skills, and the ability to fix other things up, the fixing up stage will be fun and easy for me.

anyone who is interested let me know! thanks

@Andrew Schaffer happy to hear you're getting into investing. If you're wanting to fix and then sell the property, the next thing you'll want to do is contact the listing agent and schedule some time to visit to determine the estimated repairs and how much they will cost. Then, you can ask the realtor to look at comparable properties in the area to get the ARV or "after repair value" of the home. If you're thinking about buying it and renting it, you'll want to determine the operating expenses for the property and market rents in that area.