Help with Bandit Sign Police

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Hi I'm a new member to Bigger Pockets and really need help. I placed 50 bandit signs over the weekend and am now getting threatening calls to my Google voice number from the dreaded sign police! Help....what should I do. They're threatening fines. Can they find me? Thanks 


The U.S. Government found Osama Bin Laden, they can find you. Given enough time and money almost anything is possible. The real question is are they going to waste said time and money to find you. And the answer is, eh...depends on the police. 

Seeing as it probably takes about 10 minutes of effort to catch you, you should probably just budget for the fine and keep going if your strategy is to use bandit signs.

Sure they can find you . Actually you will go to them , they will call you about selling a house , you will show up and they will hand you the fines 

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@Matthew Paul, You ruined the punch line! He was going to ask how they could find him in less then 10 minutes when he uses a google phone number.

Sorry .   

What should you do?   Stop breaking the law.  Now you know its definitely illegal to use bandit signs in your area, stop doing it.  They are illegal almost everywhere.  Go grab your signs and throw them away.

Of, if you're willing to engage in criminal activities to make a buck, look for more profitable opportunities than bandit signs and wholesaling.  I'll assume that's not the case.

Well at least you didn’t use your real phone number. Most bandit signs only last a few days anyways

It happens to us (here in Brooklyn, New York) all the time. Simply say these magical words: "Okay officer, which sign and where is it exactly located, I will take it off immediately!" Then go and remove that one sign. If he persists than say, you contracted these students to do it (which you should, and never be the person putting them up) and explain they got carried away. You still have 49 signs working for you.