Becoming a property manager

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Hi members I am 24 year old from south florida Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area. I have held my  real estate license for about 2 years now. I want become more active in property management and investing, even starting off as a wholesaler or working with investors. I just need a little jumpstart on where to start, I think ive done too much research and not enough action. If anyone can provide advice on what or where to start it would be great. Mainly within wholesaling, I would love to get feedback from members in the soflo area that I can potentially partner with and assist with finding and closing good deals for. Thanks in advance guys!

There are so many different ways you can get started, if you are interested in Property Management I would seek a position with a local PM company as an Assistant Property Manager, this will give you experience in a variety of different areas. However, if you are looking to spend your time on the investment side and just hand your future properties over to a PM, then I would start by doing wholesaling or finding a partner to work with on your first deal. The best way to meet the people you're looking for is to check the local REI Meetups and BP Meetups, good luck!