Advice needed!!! Nashville, TN start up

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Hello, I'm a local firefighter in Nashville Tennessee and I'm looking to get a start in real estate investing and flipping. I have studied, read, and listened to as much as possible and I am still Beyond confused. I feel like I understand the basics but there's so much more that I know I need to learn. I would love any advice, help, or general knowledge that could help me get a jump start. I'm beyond motivated and I have so much time on my off days to help out anyone that needs it. I thank you ahead of time for anyone that reaches out.

Hey Ryan! Awesome that you are interested in the Nashville area; it's a hot market to be in. One piece of advice that I found the most helpful is going to networking events. Being willing to learn from people and meeting with people to learn from those who are experienced in the real estate market have been the most beneficial making my career in investing sky rocket . 

One thing that you should make sure you have lined up is financing, financing, financing. Reaching out to hard money lenders & private lenders to see where you stand in regards to their criteria. 

Hey Ryan,

I recommend reading some of the Bigger Pockets books.  Once you have a deal the book on managing rental properties is a valuable resource.  I'm not far away from you.  We are in Waverly in Humphreys County.  If I can help answer any questions about finding your 1st deal let me know.  My wife and I both have our real estate agents license and we manage properties for ourselves and others.  Let us know if we can help you find/manage a property.