Rental properties how to have a lot of them

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Easy way: save 3.5% of down payment, buy a duplex or triplex. Live in one year, rent other units out. Refinance into conventional loan. Buy another duplex with 3.5%, repeat. 

Hard way: save enough cash to buy duplex outright. Repeat.

Easy is a relative term. If this were easy everyone would be doing it, though it seems that everyone IS trying to do it right now. Your goal is pie-in-the-sky, too nebulous. Why do you want to have a stack of rental properties? I'm guessing someone told you that if you get a stack you can quit your job. 

@Torrie Hicks The number of properties should not be the main focus, the amount of income you generate from each property is far more important, then retaining and growing that income from your business should be your plan. A lot of new investors will often talk about Real Estate investing in terms of number of doors they have or want to accumulate and focusing less on profit margins per property. Since your goal is getting a lot of properties keep that in mind as you grow your portfolio.