FHA 203K Loan Specialist

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Hi Everyone!

I am currently assessing opportunities to house hack. After learning about 203K Loans, I'd like to begin the process because I meet the requirements and understand the process now. However, I still have some residual questions and would like to shop around before committing to one. If anyone has a contact within the Los Angeles, CA area, I would really appreciate their contact information. 

Also, if anyone is interested in the housing market in Los Angeles, CA, I can offer some insight based on the previous year's worth of research I've done. I know I'm requesting some help here, but i'd like to offer something as well. 

Thank you all and happy investing!

Originally posted by @Summer Brighton :

Hi @Glenn Sumirat ! Give Doug Smaldino at Hillhurst Mortgage a call. He is magic and a wealth of knowledge, and is both a lender and accountant.  BP is blocking me from including his phone number but maybe I can message it to you.

Hi Summer. Contact information of any kind is not allowed in the forums.