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I just want to know is wholesaling legal in Alabama, Specifically in the (Auburn,Opelika) and surrounding areas!

Are there any wholesalers in this area, investors, or any INVESTOR FRIENDLY, title companies????

Looking for recommendations, and also looking to network with any and everyone.

I have a list of absentee owner properties in the Auburn Area, and just trying to get everything in order, before I get these properties under contract.

Thanks in advance, all advice/information is truly appreciated..

I am not aware of any wholesalers.  Bringing a buyer and seller together without a license is illegal.  But, the closing attorneys can show you the loophole where you basically assign the contract to someone else, or do a dual closing.  Just call the closing attorneys and tell them what you are wanting to do and they can give you the info.

I have used James Martin for several closings.  I have a closing with him on July 6th. 

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