Any one around the Peoria Illinois area

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So I'm a new investor. Just wondering if anyone out there on BP is around the Peoria Illinois area. Trying to further my knowledge about the Illinois market and landlord laws. I have one single family rental. The past year it's all been going pretty smooth but kind of feel like I wont get lucky twice with another easy going rental lol. 

Welcome to BP to the both of you. There are landlord contracts that BP has that you can by when your ready for that. If you search on Youtube through the bigger pockets channel I do believe there are some videos on multifamily and podcasts. If either one of you ever want to talk shop I am more than glad to chat. I am also new to investing in real estate. 

Welcome to BP Jeremy!  I've been an investor in Peoria for several years now.  The rental market is good.  I started off much like you.  Get good systems in place and make sure your processes are solid and you should be fine.  The ease will continue if you make sure you get the right tenants.  

That's awesome nice to see there are people from my area on BP. How are the landlord laws in Illinois? I hear it's kind of rough. There are a lot of laws to protect the tenants? Is it hard to evict them? I hope I never have to do that but just curious as to how difficult is it. I have heard some horror stories in IL.

Hi @Jeremy Klein (and everyone else), 

Sorry, I am late to the conversation! I'll be moving to Peoria shortly. Bought a single family home that I was intending to rent out, but have since decided to move into it myself to save myself the commute I currently make from Bloomington. I am still planning on continuing to invest in the Peoria area and would love to find the right 3 or 4 unit property!