Duplex v triplex or quad

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Help! Purchased small mixed use lot South of Atlanta (ITP), and I am trying to determine what to build to get the most bang for the buck. Pro’s and con’s of duplex, tri or quad?  Also, is a “stacked” or top/bottom the most economical to build? I will be living in whatever is built. 

Strength in numbers, the greater the number of doors the more security in your investment. Cost aside you should avoid over under as you will have ongoing tenant noise complaints. Keeping tenants in the lower unit is very difficult to achieve.

@Thomas S. I agree! I feel like side by side multifamily would be ideal, although they might be a little harder to find. The other problem with basement units besides noise is the lack of natural light coming in. Those units usually just feel darker. 

I plan to occupy the lower level of whatever is built. I’m guessing the over/under is cheaper to build because of the footprint. I’m looking into builders in the Atlanta area to start nailing down costs of options.