Strategy when you're 50 and just starting out?

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My wife and I bought a quad last year (our first rental property), and it's doing really well for us. We'd like to repeat, but prices are rising and saving for the large down payment is slow going. Since we are both 50, I feel like we don't really have the luxury to wait for another large MFH. I'm starting to think we should scale down and include duplexes and sfr in our immediate plan. Then, when we're 'work optional' we can think about shuffling some of that equity into larger buildings. Does anyone out there have thoughts on this? Thanks for listening!

Hey Georges first off I'd like to congratulate you on getting started! From what I've read, if you have significant equity in your quad you can cash out refinance and use that money as your downpayment on the next property. You should look into this!