How to put property under contract info needed

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Hello all,

So I sm still very green and trying to understand something. Investors will place a property under contract prior to having the funding to fianance a deal. I am in the same boat where I funds for the repairs but not the property. What I am really trying to know is.

How is a contract to hold the property drafted?

What terms are usually placed within it?

How long does the contract have before it expires?

Thank you for helping me with my problem!

-Medriand A

Ok so all the info your looking for is on this website ok so im not sure if they still have the 1 dollar for the first mo promo if not you do have to pay monthly if you want to keep it but your not locked in so you can cancel at any time i used it before and it gave me amazing info including all the info your looking to acquire and more it also gives you a  lot of downloadable content including the contracts how ever if your looking for the right contracts for use always consult a lawyer or even look to a real estate agent they also may have an idea of where to find what your looking for also there are a lot of great books that you can go to your local library and take out and or listen to on the audible website or app hope this helps good luck!