Coaching or mentoring

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@Dalton Robinson

I just posted this on another thread, asking about mentorship, so I'll just cut & paste:

Find investors in your area who have a process of consistently finding & closing deals (you can look up who bought properties under LLCs, or just Google "we buy houses" or something). That means they have a repeatable process you can learn from.

Offer to do whatever work that needs to get done. Admin work, social media, online stuff, phone calls, pick up supplies from Home Depot, etc.

Be persistent, follow through, show initiative. A lot of investors would love to help someone just getting started, as long as they know they're not a flake, and bring a work ethic.

That's how I got started. I didn't even ask what my cut was going to be. Once I paid my dues, things naturally progressed to where I got equal partnership, but you have to earn it.

Real estate is like flying. Eventually you have to go up in the air. You shorten the learning curve working with someone who's actively doing it.

Trade your work ethic to gain experience

Find someone in your area that is successful and reach out to them and ask how you can add value to them in exchange for showing you the ropes. 

Some Ideas:

Drive for Dollars in your neighborhood and give them a list of vacant or dilapidated homes. 

Call listings for rentals on craigslist that are listed by mom and pop land lords and find a motivated seller and bring the deal to the person you want to mentor you and ask if they will split the deal.

Bottom line: Add value to them, and show you are willing to hustle and have grit! 

Best of luck!