Atlanta and Chattanooga markets

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Any thoughts or opinions on how the rental real estate market in Atlanta, Chattanooga, or any city in between is doing? especially multi-family properties? Thank you in advance!

I have some single family rentals in Chattanooga which I’ve held for a few years and they’re doing alright. For the past couple of months I’ve been searching for multi-family I’m Chattanooga. From what I’ve seen it’s a challenge to even find a deal that will get you positive cash flow these days. I’m following your post because I’m very curious to see rental cost forecasts for the Chattanooga area.

Atlanta is on fire right now. Theres still some deals out here but its hard to compete when some buyers are overpaying for properties. Im from Chattanooga, currently living in Atlanta and from what I am seeing is a lot of investors are moving to the secondary markets. 

Chattanooga is actually a tertiary market.  We've attracted lots of interest from investors all around us, but especially Nashville and ATL.  Asset prices have pushed up a ton in the last couple years so I would be wary of how much I was paying.

Hello.  I'm new to RE.  I live in ATL and looking here an Chattanooga.  Curious why I see some multi-family on the market for a lengthy period.  Should I be concerned about these properties?

Lyndsey some of those multi family listings you are talking about are my personal listings. The ones that sit for long periods of time can often just be lack of motivation on sellers part, too high of a price "common," or sometimes a wholesaler will trick you and take up 60 days of your time in which it will stay listed and appear to have had no activity. Of course they could be in a terrible part of town "every city has them." There can be plenty of reasons. Just make sure you speak to the owner if it's FSBO And do your due diligence. If it's been listed long enough they may be ready to Get it gone. Give em a shot!

I’m an investor not an agent and I invest solely in multi families with exceptions if they present themselves. Just so you understand my biases.