Nashville investing as a beginner

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Hi, guys! I'm new on here, and I just have to say how amazing BP podcasts are. I've literally switched from listening to music in my car to these podcasts. I probably listen to them several times, and I LOVE it. I'm currently in Nashville, and I read Brandon Turner's book on Rental property investing. I'm definitely going to read over it again and again taking better notes each time. Can't wait to see what the future has in store! Thanks! 

-Pete Shafik

I've got family in Franklin and Nashville is a crazy market right now. I would suggest also reading @Anson Young 's book on getting good deals. That's paramount with where we are in the market cycle! 

Hey Peter! I always get pumped to see new-comers to the investing game, especially when they're willing to put the time in to research exactly what they want to do. That vision will help guide you through the entire process. I still use the BP podcast for all of my commutes, because there is always more to learn! I work in the Nashville market, so if I can be of any assistance feel free to reach out!

@Peter Shafik Any new beginners I definitely recommend Brandon Turner's book as well as "What Every Real Estate Investor Needs To Know About Cash Flow." I'm sure you hear them talk about it on the podcast some but those two are great starting points. I read Brandon's book after I was already investing and wish I would have read it sooner. Good luck! 

Thank you @Mark Newton ! I will be sure to stay in touch. I am currently looking forward to the next BP meeting in the Nashville Area!

@Keith Smith I actually don't recall hearing of that book, but I will for sure read it. I'm going to reread Brandon's book about rental properties (this time with note taking) and will proceed with the top 20 books that He recommends here on I am PUMPED! Thanks for reaching out and Good luck to you as well!