Cincinnati Multi Unit Properties

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I live in So Cal but I am looking at Cincinnati for multi unit properties with good cash flow. I plan to visit the steak soon and network and learn as much as I can. Would appreciate feedback from others that have invested in the area as well as brokers that can help me get start. TIA

Definitely need to visit any place you are investing in remotely just to get a lay of the land.  Cincinnati even more so since it can vary street to street and has a lot of multifamily buildings to choose from.  Build your team as well as while there is plenty of investment activity going on here everything else is lagging behind.  Contractors and PMs can be hard to come by.  Contractors are very busy and the honest ones will tell you to stand in lines.  Others may try and working multiple jobs at once hoping for easy money but eventually it catches up with them and then unfortunately with the ones they are working for too.  I cannot emphasize strongly enough, have your team in place beforehand!

@Omid Torkian Let me know if I can point you in the right direction for bank financing. I have found that a lot lenders locally in the Cincinnati market do not like to lend to out of town buyers, but there are some that really do! Let me know and I can help steer you in the right direction.

@Omid Torkian Cincinnati is a great market for investing, but it's definitely a market that you need to see in person. Every neighborhood has a range of property types and qualities (some places go from A to C or from B to D when you cross the street) so you either need to know the area surrounding the deals you're looking at, or you need someone on your team who does.

Best of luck in your investing!